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Patrick, Erroll

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Erroll Patrick was born on April 27, 1930 to Alma and Errol Patrick in Montreal. His siblings were Tony, Terry, Teddy, Tisha, Ty and Tanya.

After his parents separated, Mr. Patrick was sent to Trinidad to live with his paternal grandfather. His grandfather held the position of school master until his death in 1942.

In 1945, Mr. Patrick returned to Canada to live with his father. He then made the decision to enlist for the Korean War, joining with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Regiment as an artillery soldier.

After his service in Korea, Mr. Patrick continued his military career, travelling to Germany in 1957 and that same year he married. He carried on as an instructor for eight years with the Battery Command post of the No. 1 RCHA. In 1966, Mr. Patrick returned to Germany and was promoted to staff sergeant taking on the duty of commanding the troops.

After returning to Canada he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer at Petawawa, Ontario and at the end of his career, held the rank of Chief Warrant Officer of Artillery while stationed in Gagetown, New Brunswick.

In 1985 Mr. Patrick retired from the military with 35 year service.

A devoted family man and husband, some of the family’s fondest memories were of exploring Canada and Europe with his wife Bunny and on many camping adventures. He was a loving grandfather who was actively involved with each of their lives and encouraged them to love one another, live life to the fullest and always emphasized the importance of family. He was an active member of the Legion Branch 632 (Past President, Treasurer, and Poppy Fund organizer) and a strong advocate for the care of Veterans and believed “For me, every day is Remembrance Day”

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